Posted in July 2012

“Heart and Soul” by Kadir Nelson

The narrator of this wonderful book is an unnamed black woman whose grandfather was a slave as a child.  It’s the personal storytelling that makes it unique as a history book. Yet, it is indeed a historically accurate account of “America and African Americans” as the subtitle suggests. The author does an amazing job of … Continue reading

“Odetta The Queen of Folk” by Stephen Alcorn

This beautifully illustrated and poetically told picture book about Odetta Holmes can be shared with young students  just on its language and colorful pictures alone.  It’s a kid-friendly biography of 1960s era black folk singer, Odetta Holmes. Classically trained, Ms. Holmes became known during the Civil Rights movement as a folk singer, although her songs actually blend spirituals, jazz, and blues. … Continue reading

“Lunchbox Dream” by Tony Abbott

Tony Abbott manages to weave several plot lines and two historical tales in this wonderful novel. It is 1959 and a white family from Ohio sets off on a trip to Florida. One of the two brothers is a Civil War enthusiast so the family plans visits to battlefields on the way. The black family’s trip … Continue reading