The Snowy Day Ezra Jack Keats

the snowy day 2

I expect that most who have taught children or raised children in the past fifty years, are familar with the beautiful story of a city boy’s adventures on a very snowy day. It is a story that my children wanted to hear over and over. It goes perfectly with snow fall and hot chocolate.

I’m reviewing this classic for a number of reasons. It is great to use in elementary and middle school when teaching imagery. Even without the wonderful illustrations, Keats nails the snowy city landscape. Older students may better grasp the use of word choice and imagery after hearing this.  

Another reason is the relatively recent interest in multicultural children’s books. Not once is it mentioned that Peter is black. That’s one wonderful advantage of picture books. He’s just a boy who has one fantastic day exploring his snow covered neighborhood.  As in one of my more recent favorites, Cinnamon Baby, the pictures naturally reveal the race of the characters. 

I highly recommend this award winning picture book for parents, teachers, and anyone who loves a snowy day.

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