Lincoln’s Grave Robbers

History written in a lively narrative form is what sets this book apart. Author Steve Sheinikin weaves the tale of the bizarre case of an attempt to steal Abraham Lincoln’s body from his grave.  I was distracted in the beginning chapters of the book because much attention is given to nineteenth century counterfeiters. Sheinikin skillfully brings it all together as readers discover how counterfeiters, the Secret Service, double agents,and  building custodians all play a part in this true, although little known, story. Readers are treated to interesting nuggets about the origin of the Secret Service and nineteenth century grave robbing, as well as some up close looks at Lincoln’s family. 

There are an abundance of characters, as well as subplots. Middle school teachers would benefit from creating graphic organizers to keep it all relevant to young readers. Lincoln’s Grave Robbers would make great supplemental reading for students studying post Civil War America, typically seventh-ninth graders. Image

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