“Crossover” A Slam Dunk for Reluctant Readers

Crossover by Kwame Alexander is a unique novel that is formatted like a long poem. Yet, it is an excellent tale of twin brothers and a pivotal coming-of-age season in their lives.

This belongs on the shelf of any teacher, reading specialist, and parent of boys who may be very reluctant readers. The short chapters and fast-paced plot will make it difficult to resist for 5th through 8th grade readers. Josh and Jordan Bell are black, middle class with two loving parents at home, and a love for all things basketball. I appreciate the seldom used characters of black teens with professional parents. The conflicts involve the father’s health issues, as well as rivalry and changing relationship between the twins.

Crossover can be used to jump start lively discussions on dynamic characters, plot complications, climax, and resolution. Teachers will also appreciate the abundant use of figurative language when trying to reinforce this concept.

Whether you’re looking for something to finish off the summer break or to start the new school year, Crossover will fit the bill for boys or girls, fifth through eighth grade. the crossover by kwame alexander

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