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Keep Your Head Up

Words by Aliya King Neil Illustrated by Charly Palmer Sometimes the advice to “keep your head up” is harder to follow than other days. “D” is having such a day. The “scrunchy” day begins with D oversleeping and it pretty much goes downhill from there. Readers get the impression that D is familiar with scrunchy … Continue reading

There are No Bears…or are there?

There are No Bears…or are there?

The title of this delightful picture book is There are No Bears in This Bakery by Julia Sarcone-Roach. However, the cover illustration suggests a different story! I am writing this review during the Coronavirus pandemic. Most of the schools in the US, and possibly globally, are closed in an effort to slow (hopefully stop)  the … Continue reading

“Beekle-The Unimaginary Friend”

Children have those lovely imaginations that allow them to put life into objects that adults don’t consider alive. This fantastic story by Dan Santat is narrated by Beekle. He is waiting, not so patiently, on an island far away to be imagined by a real child. At this point, he doesn’t have a name because … Continue reading

“These Hands” by Margaret H. Mason

I’m a firm believer in sharing black history stories through the year, not just during Black History Month. This lovely picture book is appropriate for sharing during any discussion and/or lesson about the Civil Rights era. Joseph is a young child whose “Grandpa” could do anything with his hands. Many children can relate to a … Continue reading

The Snowy Day Ezra Jack Keats

I expect that most who have taught children or raised children in the past fifty years, are familar with the beautiful story of a city boy’s adventures on a very snowy day. It is a story that my children wanted to hear over and over. It goes perfectly with snow fall and hot chocolate. I’m … Continue reading

Mama Miti by Donna Jo Napoli

I came across this gem during a search for books illustrated by Kadir Nelson. I was planning a study of his work as my Black History Month theme this year. As usual, Nelson’s illustrations are absolutely amazing. But the story of “Mama Miti” is also a wonderful tale of the work of Wangari Muta Maathai. Wangari … Continue reading

“Heart and Soul” by Kadir Nelson

The narrator of this wonderful book is an unnamed black woman whose grandfather was a slave as a child.  It’s the personal storytelling that makes it unique as a history book. Yet, it is indeed a historically accurate account of “America and African Americans” as the subtitle suggests. The author does an amazing job of … Continue reading